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Founded by Engineers.
Engineered for Nature.
Founded by alumni of IIT Kharagpur
In collaboration with DRDO.
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Let’s Listen to Nature.
100% biodegradable and compostable
raw materials and product range
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From Nature to Nature
Making available the best of biodegradable
alternatives for single-use plastic
Our Vision is to provide an alternative to every single use plastic product and contribute to green Earth campaign”
Vision & Mission
The Earth was capable of taking back whatever it gave us. That is before the advent of plastic. As of 2022, 76 trillion tonnes of plastics litter our oceans. Every day, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic get into the oceans. Not to mention the air pollution results from burning plastic on land. Not to mention the amount of water required to recycle plastic. Climate change is an accrued result of all kinds of pollution, including plastic but we are not without solutions. Founded by alumni of IIT Kharagpur, AICMT’s concept is simple. What we take from nature should go back to nature – that’s our concept, motto, and inspiration: “From nature, to nature”.
Why AICMT Bio-Products
All Our Compostable Products are made from plants and other organic materials such as Corn Starch, PBAT etc.
AICMT Bio Products are 100% Natural, Free from BPA, Non-Toxic, 100% decomposable, safe and does not require recycling. They are harmless for humans and animals and hence making them completely safe for ecosystem which decompose in soil within 120 days.
Our products break down much faster into nutrient-rich manure in roughly 90 to 120 days which aids in generating healthy soil.
Our Products are home-decomposable.
Biodegradable & Compostable Raw Material
The raw materials ( plants and organic materials such as Pellets/Granules made from PBAT) that we use to manufacture our products are completely disintegrated, biodegradable and compostable within 120 days. They are non-toxic, 100% decomposable, safe and do not require recycling. They are harmless for humans and animals and hence making them completely safe for the ecosystem.
Carry Bags
With 100% decomposable properties, our biodegradable carry bags are a sustainable, world-class alternative to conventional carry bags for industrial and domestic usage.
Grocery Bags
Switch to a sustainable lifestyle with our 100% decomposable and biodegradable grocery bags that will leave no toxic residue behind, thus making it a perfect alternative to conventional plastic grocery bags.
Biomedical Waste Bags
Our biodegradable & 100% decomposable medical waste bags meet the growing demand for efficient medical waste disposal solutions. These bags decompose anywhere oxygen and microorganisms exist, leaving no toxic or microplastic residues.
Garbage Bags
With an aim to save nature one bag at a time, we bring you these bio-degradable and 100% decomposable garbage bags. These bags will equip you to dispose of your waste without polluting the environment further.
Bio Compostable Films
AICMT Bio Compostable films are manufactured using Conventional Blowing methods from our Biodegradable and Compostable Pellets. Films are available in multiple colors and thickness ranging from 30 to 120 microns. AICMT films with excellent heat sealing property and printability. This properties makes the Films ideal for multiple packing and other applications as listed below Packing Material Table Rolls and Sheets for catering and hotel Industry Mulching film for planting and seeding.
Biodegradable Aprons & Head Caps for Hospitals and Hospitality industry
Adjustable to fit all shapes and builds, our biodegradable and 100% decomposable aprons ensure speedier breakdown when discarded into landfill.
Petroleum based products like plastic
100+ years to disintegrate
Harmful carbon emissions
Difficult and costly to recycle
Highly dangerous for the ecosystem
Petroleum based products like polymer
Other products like jute, rubber, cloth
Long time to dissolve/disintegrate
Non-toxic, reduces carbon emissions
Costly & dangerous for the ecosystem
100% Organic
Non-toxic and BPA free
Disintegrates within months
Eliminates the need to recycle
Cost effective
Completely safe for the ecosystem
Carbon Free Product Line
100% Natural
All our products are made using organic raw materials that have been duly approved by the FDA thus 100% natural.
Non-Tox & BPA Free
Our products are not made using harmful chemicals that can turn toxic upon disposal or consumption and is thus non-toxic and completely BPA free.
Easily Decomposable
Our products are fully compostable/soluble which in fact generates a manure upon disposal making it super healthy for the environment as well as other stakeholders of nature.
Safe & Durable
Our team never compromises upon the safety and quality of the products and they are completely tensile and durable.
Cost Effective
our products can be termed as “cheap and best” since they are a lot cheaper than other products in the market and the best of its kind.
Join With Us And Become The Change
Every step counts, every effort counts because change begins at home. Collaborate with us to start a new plastic free lifestyle.